Events & Parties FAQs

What is included with the land hire at Alcott?
An events coordinator to work alongside you to support you every step of the way. You will get support from sourcing suppliers to scheduling how your perfect day will run. We have our on-site event managers who provide the logistical assurances that are needed for an outdoor venue; they support the hiring and running of generators, electrics, lighting and sound. An added bonus is they remain on-site all day and are first aid trained-just in case! We also have our own security staff to meet, greet and park your guests and will always offer a welcoming smile. Additionally, we also team up the next day, when heads are sore, to help you with the clean-up operation and smile about all of the fun from the day before.
Can you bring children?
Alcott is completely family friendly and provides children with the freedom to roam.
What do we do if it rains?
Often, rain adds to the fun of an outdoor event and guests very rarely notice. A few years ago, we installed a land drainage system that allows water to drain off and keeps the field firm and not boggy. A road runs from the car park into the field, ensuring those stilettos remain in tip-top condition. All structures have walkway matting to provide added protection.
What’s the flooring like in the structures?
The field is reasonably flat so hard flooring is not a necessity but if you want the perfect finish then wooden flooring throughout is optional on some of the structures. Capris and Yurts come with a protective layer followed by the matting carpets and dance floors are solid. The Clear span marquees and Canvas marquee have the choice of a protective layer or wooden floor throughout, depending on preference.
Do the structures provide guests with a comfortable temperature?
The events manager can source a heater for when the temperature drops; alternatively, they can switch them to blast out cold air on a hot summer’s day. The tipis have a fire pit as an option and offer a beautiful, cosy glow, making the immediate surrounding area warm which doesn't overwhelm the whole tipi with heat.
What are the toilets like and are there disabled ones?
The company we recommend are very posh indeed, quite a talking point at the wedding, definitely not like Glastonbury loos! They play music and light up. The correct size will be recommended to you for your numbers. As they have steps a separate disabled porter unit can be hired- this provides a comfortable baby-change unit, when requested. There is cold running water that is safe to drink, and great for caterers.
Can sides be open on all structures?
The majority of our structures have the capability to have the sides lifted to provide extra air to guests on a hot day. The sides can be lifted on our tipis on a warm, dry day or a weather proofing kit allows views of the rolling hills whilst keeping guests protected from those summer showers. The rest of our structures sides can be lifted/ rolled or clipped back. Bear in mind, the Yurt’s sides can only be lifted on a day with no wind.
Are pets allowed?
Pets often form a major part of events at Alcott. We often have beloved dogs roaming around. This is fine, as long as they are kept on leads. Animals that are part of a corporate event such as ducks for duck herding are more than welcome.
Are the structures watertight?
Yes, be reassured that all of our companies use the latest weather fore-casting technologies to ensure that your set-up is perfect for the conditions on the day. In adverse weather conditions, contingencies are put into place and discussed to offer you piece of mind that you remain dry and comfortable in any scenario.
Can you have candles?
Most of the structures are happy with candles as long as they are in an enclosed casing to avoid fire risks, but always best to check with individual structures. Lanterns pose a fire risk and are not permitted, due to guest safety.
Can you have fireworks?
Alcott Farm is a working livery yard and is home to many horses. Unfortunately, we don’t allow fireworks, to avoid undue stress to them.
Can cars get stuck?
No, cars are parked in a hard-standing car park.
Can elderly or disabled be driven right up to the structures entrance?
Yes, security will guide the car there safely.
Can cars be left over night?
Yes at owners’ risk.
Is there access for big coaches?
How many cars can you park?
Approx. 100
Can you bring camper vans/caravans?
Are fire pits allowed?
Alcott hire one out only.
What time does the music finish?
Live bands are to finish at 11pm and DJ till midnight.
When is the Venue open from and till?
We run from May - Early October.
What are the nearest train stations?
Alvechurch and Wythall locally linking from Birmingham New Street, Moor street and Birmingham International.
What are the nearest towns/city?
Redditch, Solihull, Bromsgrove & Birmingham
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