Hi, I am Victoria Morgan 'The GLOW Coach', leading online Bridal Wellness Coach, beauty & skin-health industry expert and Founder of GLOW - Good Living, Optimal Wellness.

I'm on a mission to put health & wellness at the heart of the Bridal experience - to ensure you feel as amazing on the inside as you will look on the outside, glowing naturally from within. This is very close to my heart because when I got married 10 years ago, I suffered a post-wedding burnout and so I know personally, as well as through the work I do with clients, that there can be a lot of pressure and challenges for women at this important stage of life. I believe that well-being is often a missing part of the conversation today in the wedding industry.

From my post-wedding burnout and personal wellness journey that followed, to qualifying in Nutrition & holistic health, including areas such as skin-gut-health & positive mindset coaching, I am uniquely positioned to support, guide and mentor your pre-wedding journey to glowing from within and achieving your goals, such as:

- clearer, more radiant skin

- weight management

- feeling fitter & more energised

- feeling more positive

- feeling body confident

- glowing naturally from within

We do this together, through 121 online GLOW coaching sessions and my proven GLOW Method, an approach that brings your physical and emotional well-being into balance. It's not about short-term fixes, or fast weight-loss plans, instead about nourishing your skin, body and mind more effectively, so you look and also feel your most confident, radiant, happy YOU, on your special day and for the long-term, going into married life.

I offer online coaching in several different ways:

- one-off GLOW coaching session to kick start your own wellness journey

- book in for a series of GLOW coaching sessions, so I can fully support you reaching your goals

- take my online nutrition course Nourish & GLOW, to boost your knowledge and nourish your body in a more positive and enjoyable way

- sign up for my VIP Bridal experience called She GLOWS, a bespoke 6 or 12 week Bridal wellness experience for glowing from within like never before.

Reach out to enquire: Victoria@theglow.coach

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